This website is operated by APEX FIREWORKS LLC. Throughout these Rewards Program Policies, terms such as "the Company," "we," "us," and "our" refer to APEX FIREWORKS LLC. Your participation in the Apex Rewards™ program and any related services, tools, or information provided is contingent upon your acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms, conditions, policies, and notices outlined herein.

By enrolling in or engaging with the Apex Rewards™ program, you consent to adhere to these Rewards Program Policies. These policies apply to all participants of the program, including but not limited to members, customers, and any individuals making use of the rewards offered.

It is strongly recommended that you thoroughly review these Rewards Program Policies before participating in the Apex Rewards™ program. By enrolling in or using any part of the program, you indicate your agreement with these policies. If you do not agree with any aspect of these policies, you are not authorized to participate in the Apex Rewards™ program. Your acceptance of these Rewards Program Policies is expressly limited to the terms provided herein.

Please be aware that any new features or benefits added to the Apex Rewards™ program will also be subject to these Rewards Program Policies. The most current version of these policies is available for review at any time on this page. We retain the right to update, modify, or replace any portion of these Rewards Program Policies by posting updates and changes on our website. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. Your continued participation in or access to the Apex Rewards™ program following the posting of any modifications constitutes your acceptance of those changes.

Additionally, it is essential to familiarize yourself with all other terms, conditions, and policies outlined on our website related to the Apex Rewards™ program. These documents collectively govern your participation in our rewards program and ensure a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship.

Welcome to Apex Rewards™, the premier rewards program of the Company. This program is designed to enhance your shopping experience with us by offering a dynamic and rewarding way to engage with our products and services. As a valued member of Apex Rewards™, you can earn rewards that can be redeemed for additional fireworks and products in-store, enriching your celebrations with every purchase.

Program Overview:  Apex Rewards™ is our way of showing appreciation to our loyal customers. By participating in this program, you'll gain access to exclusive rewards through a variety of engaging activities. Whether you're making purchases, referring friends, or completing special challenges, every action brings you closer to unlocking exciting perks and benefits.

Earning Rewards:

  • Challenge Board: Engage with our Challenge Board to earn points in fun and interactive ways. Challenges may include placing an order, creating an account, reviewing a product, or other activities that contribute to the Company community. Completing these challenges not only rewards you with points but also enhances your overall experience with our brand.
  • Levels: As you accumulate points, you'll progress through different levels within the Apex Rewards™ program. Each level unlocks additional perks, including exclusive discounts, early access to new products, and special member-only offers. The more you engage, the greater your rewards.
  • Leaderboard Ranking: Dive into friendly competition with our leaderboard ranking system, a new dimension to earning rewards. Engage in various activities and climb the ranks to earn exclusive rewards based on your position. Whether it's through purchases, referrals, or completing challenges, your active participation will be recognized and rewarded. Top-ranking members on the leaderboard may receive special recognition, bonuses, and exclusive rewards, making every interaction with the Company even more exciting.
  • Referral Program: Share the excitement of ELITE FIREWORKS with your friends and family through our referral program. For every new customer you refer who makes a qualifying purchase, both you and the referred individual will earn reward points. It's our way of saying thank you for spreading the word about our products.


Our rewards program is designed with a commitment to transparency and fairness, rewarding customer loyalty and engagement. Understanding the mechanisms behind the accumulation of reward points and their corresponding values is paramount for participants to maximize the benefits offered. This section provides an exhaustive overview of the principles governing point accumulation, valuation, and redemption processes.

Point Accumulation Mechanisms: Participants accrue points through a series of designated activities aimed at enhancing their interaction with our services and offerings. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchases: A predefined ratio of points is awarded for every monetary unit spent on our products. This ratio varies depending on the participant's level within the program, intentionally structured to favor higher engagement levels with more favorable earning rates.
  • Referrals: Our program encourages the expansion of our community through a referral system. Points are allocated to the referrer and points and or coupon code is sent to the referred upon the completion of a qualifying transaction by the new customer.
  • Engagement Activities: A variety of engagement activities, highlighted on a designated challenge platform, offer participants opportunities to earn points. These are designed to foster a deeper connection with our brand.
  • Competitive Engagements: Recognition and additional points may be awarded to participants who distinguish themselves through leaderboard standings, promoting a spirit of healthy competition within the program.


The valuation of points within our rewards program is meticulously structured to reward customer loyalty and engagement. This structure not only acknowledges the immediate value customers receive from their purchases but also incentivizes prolonged engagement through a tiered reward system and the innovative MoneyBall™ Multiplier feature. Below is an in-depth overview of how points are valued across different levels and how participants can maximize their rewards.

Tiered Cashback Value: Our rewards program is designed with a tiered system, where the cashback value in points escalates as participants ascend through the levels. This system is reflective of our commitment to rewarding our most loyal customers with increasingly significant benefits. The cashback percentage allocated at each level is calculated based on the total purchase amount. For example, a $100 expenditure will yield different point values depending on the participant's level:

  • Level 1 – Foundation: Participants receive a 0.2% cashback value in points, translating to $0.20 for every $100 spent.
  • Level 2 – Bronze: Elevates to a 0.5% cashback value, offering $0.50 for the same expenditure.
  • Level 3 – Iron: Further increases to a 0.75% cashback value, equivalent to $0.75 per $100.
  • Level 4 – Silver: Participants enjoy a 1% cashback value, netting $1.00 for each $100 spent.
  • Level 5 – Gold: Offers a 1.5% cashback value, translating to $1.50 per $100.
  • Level 6 – Titanium: Provides a 2% cashback value, amounting to $2.00 for every $100 spent.
  • Level 7 – Diamond: Elevates the cashback value to 3%, yielding $3.00 per $100.
  • Level 8 – Emerald: Increases to a 4% cashback value, offering $4.00 for the same spending.
  • Level 9 – Master: Participants receive a 6% cashback value, translating to $6.00 per $100 spent.
  • Level 10 – Grandmaster: The pinnacle of our program, offering a 10% cashback value, or $10.00 for every $100 spent.

MoneyBall™ Multiplier Enhancement: A standout aspect of our rewards initiative, the MoneyBall™ Multiplier, grants members the unique chance to amplify the cashback value of their accrued points dramatically. This facet encourages the tactical collection of points, advocating for patience and strategic planning over immediate point redemption. The core aim of the MoneyBall™ Multiplier is to offer a superior return on loyalty, elevating the cash value of points for members who reach and surpass specified spending milestones.


Upon achieving a certain threshold of accumulated points, members are presented with the option to manually activate the MoneyBall™ Multiplier. This activation unlocks access to a bespoke, highly valuable coupon, offering an enhanced cash equivalent value exclusively usable within our store. This mechanism is meticulously crafted to acknowledge and reward the deliberate saving and strategic engagement of our members, ensuring they receive unmatched value from their loyalty.

Enhanced Comprehensive Value and Strategic Engagement: Our rewards program is meticulously designed with a tiered structure complemented by the innovative MoneyBall™ Multiplier, both integral to our overarching strategy to foster customer engagement and loyalty. This dual-faceted approach is tailored to not only recognize and reward immediate interactions, such as direct purchases but also to cultivate a deeper, long-term relationship with our members. By participating in our program, members can see a tangible increase in the rewards value proportional to their level of engagement with our offerings. This structured framework ensures that the benefits extended to our members evolve in concert with their ongoing commitment to our brand, reinforcing the mutual value of sustained loyalty.

To safeguard and enhance the member experience, it's crucial that the conditions and mechanisms through which rewards are earned and multiplied are transparent and governed by clear, fair policies. This ensures that as members engage with our program, both through immediate actions and strategic planning for future rewards, they are fully informed of the potential outcomes of their participation. The structured progression through reward tiers and the strategic decisions influenced by the MoneyBall™ Multiplier are designed to be predictable and rewarding, offering a clear path to maximizing the value received from the program.

Strategic Optimization of Reward Potential: Members are actively encouraged to engage with our rewards program in a manner that aligns with their individual rewards strategy, effectively maximizing the potential value they can derive from their loyalty. Whether the goal is to reap immediate cashback benefits from purchases or to judiciously accumulate points over time for a substantial reward through the MoneyBall™ Multiplier, our program is structured to support diverse strategies. Each tier within the program not only escalates the cashback potential but also introduces additional layers of value and satisfaction, enriching the overall member experience.

In cultivating a rewards ecosystem that is both richly rewarding and strategically engaging, we underscore the importance of informed participation. Members are advised to familiarize themselves with the specific terms and conditions that govern the accumulation and redemption of points, including the activation and application of the MoneyBall™ Multiplier. This knowledge empowers members to make strategic decisions that align with their personal engagement and purchasing behaviors, optimizing the benefits realized through the program. Furthermore, this detailed understanding of program policies ensures that members can confidently navigate the rewards landscape, leveraging opportunities to enhance the value of their interactions with our brand.


In order to maintain the integrity, effectiveness, and sustainability of our rewards program, it is essential to establish certain disclaimers that safeguard our ability to adapt and evolve the program in response to changing circumstances. These disclaimers are designed to ensure our business can continue to offer a rewarding experience to our members while protecting our operational flexibility.

  1. Comprehensive Rights to Program Adjustment

In our commitment to maintaining a dynamic and responsive rewards program, we assert the comprehensive right to enact adjustments to the program's structure and offerings. This encompasses a broad spectrum of program elements, such as the mechanisms for point accumulation, the specific percentages allocated for cashback rewards, and the operational parameters of unique features like the MoneyBall™ Multiplier. Our prerogative to modify these elements is exercised with the intention of optimizing the program's alignment with our overarching business objectives, responding to fluctuating market conditions, and adhering to evolving legal and regulatory landscapes.

Detailed Scope of Adjustments:

  • Point Accumulation Rates: The formula through which points are awarded for member activities, including purchases and engagement actions, is subject to our review and revision. This ensures that the rewards mechanism remains both enticing for members and sustainable for the program.
  • Cashback Percentages: The rate at which points convert to cashback rewards may be recalibrated to reflect the current economic environment, ensuring the ongoing viability of the rewards program and its value proposition to members.
  • MoneyBall™ Multiplier Feature: The operational rules governing this feature, designed to enhance the redemption value of points for members who engage deeply with our offerings, may be adjusted. These changes could affect the thresholds for activation, the multiplier levels, or the conditions under which the enhanced value is applied.

Rationale Behind Program Adjustments: Modifications to the program may be driven by a need to respond to internal business considerations, such as cost management and the strategic direction of our offerings. Externally, shifts in market dynamics, including consumer behavior patterns and competitive landscapes, may necessitate adjustments to ensure the program remains compelling and competitive. Additionally, changes in legal or regulatory requirements affecting rewards programs may require alterations to ensure compliance.

Implementation and Communication: While these rights are exercised at our discretion, it is our policy to implement changes thoughtfully, with consideration for the impact on our members. Although prior notice to members is not guaranteed, we strive to communicate significant changes to the program in a timely and transparent manner, through available communication channels and updates to program documentation.

Acknowledgment by Members: By participating in the rewards program, members acknowledge our exclusive right to make these adjustments as necessary. It is understood that these changes are made in the interest of sustaining the program's success and ensuring its alignment with business strategies and external conditions. Members are encouraged to remain informed about the program's terms and any changes that may affect their participation or the benefits they receive.

  1. Dynamic Adjustment of Point Valuation

The cornerstone of our rewards program's flexibility lies in the adaptability of point valuation, a critical feature designed to ensure the program's alignment with both our strategic goals and the broader economic landscape. This adaptability allows us to responsively calibrate the program to remain beneficial to members while safeguarding its operational integrity and sustainability.

Scope of Valuation Adjustments:

  • Conversion Rate Variability: The conversion rates defining how points translate into cashback rewards or other forms of redemption are dynamically managed. This flexibility ensures that the rewards program can be adjusted to stay in harmony with our strategic objectives, such as enhancing member engagement, driving specific purchasing behaviors, or responding to competitive pressures.
  • Influence of External Economic Factors: Economic conditions, including inflation rates, market fluctuations, and changes in consumer purchasing power, can significantly impact the perceived value of rewards. Adjusting point valuations allows us to account for these external factors, ensuring that the rewards retain their appeal and value proposition for members over time.
  • Rewards Program Sustainability: Adjustments to point valuation are also crucial for maintaining the financial sustainability of the rewards program. By aligning the redemption value of points with the company's economic realities, we ensure the long-term viability of the program, balancing generosity with operational prudence.

Communication of Adjustments:

  • Program Documentation Updates: While the right to adjust point valuation is retained without the obligation for prior member notification, we commit to making reasonable efforts to update relevant program documentation in a timely manner. This includes revising program terms, FAQ sections, and other member-facing resources to accurately reflect current point valuation and redemption options.
  • Transparency and Member Support: In the spirit of transparency and to support member understanding, we endeavor to provide explanations or guidance regarding significant changes to point valuation. Our customer service team is equipped to address member inquiries related to valuation adjustments, offering clarification and assistance to ensure members can navigate changes effectively.

Member Acknowledgment and Responsiveness: By participating in the rewards program, members acknowledge that point valuation is subject to change at our discretion. This understanding is crucial for members to adapt their engagement and redemption strategies in response to valuation adjustments. Members are encouraged to regularly review program documentation and to reach out to customer service for any clarifications needed, ensuring they remain informed and can maximize the value of their participation in the program.

  1. Expiration and Forfeiture of Points: Strategic Policy Reservations

In our endeavor to manage the rewards program with the utmost efficiency and equity, we emphasize the importance of active participation and fair usage by all members. While the program currently does not enforce an expiration policy for accrued points, it is crucial for members to understand our reserved right to implement and adapt such policies in the future. This flexibility is essential for the program’s long-term viability and the fair distribution of rewards among all participants.

Future Implementation of Expiration Policies:

  • Policy Introduction: We reserve the unilateral right to introduce expiration policies for points. Such policies may be established to encourage regular engagement with our offerings, ensuring that the rewards ecosystem remains vibrant and rewarding for all active participants.
  • Modification Rights: Beyond the introduction of expiration policies, we also reserve the right to modify any aspect of these policies as necessary. Modifications may reflect changes in program structure, member engagement patterns, or the strategic direction of our rewards offerings.

Conditions Leading to Point Expiration or Forfeiture:

  • Inactivity: Should expiration policies be introduced, periods of inactivity may be a determining factor in the expiration of points. This is to motivate continuous engagement with our brand and to ensure that the rewards program benefits active members.
  • Program Misuse: Any misuse of the program, including but not limited to fraudulent activities or the manipulation of program terms, may result in the forfeiture of points. This policy is in place to maintain the integrity of the program and ensure fairness for all members.
  • Program Termination or Modification: In the event of program termination or significant modification, points may expire or specific terms of point usage may be altered. Members will be informed of such changes in accordance with program communication policies.

Member Responsibilities and Engagement:

  • Active Monitoring: Members are encouraged to actively monitor their points balance and remain informed about any changes to the program that may affect point valuation, redemption options, or expiration policies. This proactive approach ensures that members can maximize the benefits of their participation.
  • Redemption Prioritization: In anticipation of potential future expiration policies, members should consider strategic redemption practices to optimize the value received from accrued points.

Transparent Communication Commitment: In the event that expiration policies are introduced, or existing policies are modified, we commit to transparently communicating these changes to all members through direct communication channels, program documentation updates, and other available platforms. Our goal is to ensure that members are well-informed and can adjust their engagement strategies accordingly.

Acknowledgment of Policy Reservations: By participating in the rewards program, members acknowledge our reserved right to introduce, modify, or enforce expiration and forfeiture policies for points. This acknowledgment reflects an understanding of the dynamic nature of the rewards program and the necessity of such policies for its sustainable and equitable management.

  1. Program Eligibility and Participation: Comprehensive Guidelines

The integrity and success of our rewards program hinge on the establishment of clear guidelines governing eligibility and participation. These guidelines ensure that the program operates smoothly, benefiting all participants while safeguarding against misuse. Below we detail the foundational criteria and policies that define eligibility for participation, as well as the framework for maintaining an equitable and respectful program environment.

Defining Eligibility Criteria:

  • Membership Requirements: Eligibility to participate in the rewards program is contingent upon meeting specific membership criteria. These criteria are designed to identify and qualify participants who engage with our offerings in a manner that aligns with the program's objectives.
  • Account Registration: Full participation in the rewards program, including the accrual and redemption of points, requires the creation and maintenance of a registered account. This account must be in good standing and accurately reflect the participant's current information.

Earning and Redeeming Points:

  • Activity Qualifications: The ability to earn points is directly tied to designated activities, including but not limited to purchases, referrals, and engagement with promotional initiatives. Each qualifying activity is clearly defined to ensure participants understand how to accrue points effectively.
  • Redemption Guidelines: Point redemption is subject to specific guidelines, including redemption thresholds, applicable rewards, and redemption processes. These guidelines are established to streamline the redemption process and ensure that participants can leverage their points for meaningful rewards.

Maintaining Program Integrity:

  • Monitoring for Compliance: We actively monitor participant activity within the rewards program to ensure compliance with program terms and conditions. This monitoring is crucial for identifying and addressing any behaviors that undermine the program's fairness or integrity.
  • Rights of Exclusion and Removal: We reserve the right to exclude new applicants from joining the program or to remove existing members based on non-compliance with program terms, engagement in fraudulent activities, or any conduct we deem inappropriate or harmful to the program's operation. This includes, but is not limited to, exploiting program loopholes, engaging in deceptive practices, or harassing other participants.
  • Notification and Appeal: Members subject to exclusion or removal will be notified of the decision, including the reasons for such action. A process for appealing the decision may be provided, offering the member an opportunity to address and rectify the issues raised.

Responsibilities of Participants:

  • Adherence to Terms: By enrolling in and participating in the rewards program, members agree to adhere to all program terms and conditions. This agreement encompasses respect for the guidelines set forth regarding eligibility, point accrual and redemption, and overall conduct within the program.
  • Proactive Engagement: Participants are encouraged to engage proactively with the rewards program, taking full advantage of the opportunities offered while respecting the program's structure and other members' rights.

Our rewards program is crafted to foster a positive and mutually beneficial relationship between our brand and our valued participants. The eligibility and participation guidelines outlined above are integral to achieving this goal, ensuring that the program remains a vibrant, engaging, and fair platform for all involved.

  1. Non-Transferability of Points: Detailed Policy

The foundation of trust and fairness in our rewards program is partly built on the principle that points earned are a personal reward for the individual member's engagement and loyalty. To preserve the integrity of our rewards system and ensure equitable distribution of benefits, we have established a strict policy regarding the non-transferability of points. This policy is designed to prevent misuse and maintain the program's value for all participants.

Core Principle of Non-Transferability:

  • Personal Reward System: Points awarded as part of the rewards program are intended as a direct benefit to the members who engage in qualifying activities. This personal reward system acknowledges and rewards individual member actions, such as purchases or participation in promotional activities.
  • Restriction on Transfer: Members are expressly prohibited from transferring points to another individual, whether through sale, trade, or any form of exchange. This restriction is crucial for maintaining the program's integrity, ensuring that rewards are earned and used in accordance with the established guidelines.

Rationale Behind the Policy:

  • Preventing Fraud and Abuse: The non-transferability of points helps to prevent potential fraud and abuse within the rewards program. By restricting the use of points to the member who earned them, we minimize the risk of unauthorized point accumulation and redemption, safeguarding the program's fairness.
  • Encouraging Individual Engagement: By tying points directly to the member's account and prohibiting transfers, we encourage continuous individual engagement with our brand. This policy supports the program's goal of fostering long-term relationships with members, rewarding their loyalty and engagement.
  • Ensuring Accurate Reward Distribution: This policy aids in the accurate tracking and distribution of rewards, ensuring that points are allocated and redeemed in a manner that reflects each member's actual engagement. It helps to prevent discrepancies and confusion that could arise from point transfers between accounts.

Enforcement and Compliance:

  • Monitoring and Verification: We implement measures to monitor compliance with the non-transferability policy, including verification processes during point redemption. Any attempts to transfer points in violation of this policy will be flagged and may result in penalties, including point forfeiture or program expulsion.
  • Member Awareness and Agreement: Upon joining the rewards program, members are informed of the non-transferability of points and must agree to adhere to this policy. This agreement is a condition of participation, ensuring that all members understand and accept the terms governing point use.
  • Policy Violations: Violations of the non-transferability policy are taken seriously and may result in disciplinary actions, including the revocation of points and termination of program membership. These measures are necessary to protect the interests of all program participants and maintain the value of the rewards offered.

The non-transferability of points is a fundamental aspect of our rewards program, essential for preserving its integrity, fairness, and the personalized nature of the rewards offered. Members are encouraged to engage actively with the program, earning and redeeming points within the framework of these guidelines to maximize their benefits and enjoyment of the program.

  1. Legal Compliance and Limitation of Liability: In-Depth Analysis

The framework of our rewards program is meticulously designed to align with the highest standards of legal compliance, reflecting our commitment to operate within the bounds of all applicable laws and regulations. This commitment to legality serves as the foundation for the program's structure, ensuring that our operations are both ethical and compliant. Below, we detail the principles of legal compliance and the limitations of our liability within the context of the rewards program.

Adherence to Legal Standards:

  • Regulatory Compliance: The program is constructed and managed to adhere strictly to the legal standards and regulations governing rewards programs and customer engagements. This adherence encompasses privacy laws, consumer protection statutes, and any other legal requirements applicable to the operation of loyalty programs.
  • Responsive Adaptation to Legal Changes: In recognition of the dynamic nature of legal and regulatory landscapes, our program is subject to modifications that may arise from changes in law or regulatory guidance. We are committed to adjusting our policies and practices to maintain compliance, ensuring that the program remains lawful and ethical.

Scope of Liability:

  • Limitation on Operational Liability: While we strive to fulfill all aspects of the rewards program as outlined, our liability for any inability to perform, including the awarding of points or redemption of rewards, is limited in instances where legal restrictions or changes in law occur. Such limitations are in place to acknowledge the influence of external legal forces on program operations.
  • Financial and Consequential Damages: Our liability for damages arising from participation in the rewards program is expressly limited. This includes a clear disclaimer of liability for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages that members might claim. The intent of this limitation is to establish reasonable expectations among participants and to protect our organization from unforeseen liabilities that could arise from program participation.

Implementation of Liability Limitations:

  • Clear Communication of Terms: The terms of participation, including the limitations of liability and the program's adherence to legal compliance, are communicated to all members upon enrollment and are accessible for review at any time. This transparency ensures that members are fully informed of the legal framework governing their participation.
  • Member Acknowledgment: By participating in the rewards program, members acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth, including the program's operation within legal constraints and the limitations on our liability. This acknowledgment is a fundamental aspect of the agreement between the member and the program, ensuring a mutual understanding of the terms of engagement.

The legal compliance and limitation of liability clauses are integral components of our rewards program, designed to ensure that the program operates within a legal and ethical framework. By establishing clear limitations on liability and adhering to applicable laws and regulations, we aim to provide a transparent, fair, and engaging rewards experience for our members while safeguarding our organization against potential legal challenges.

  1. Acknowledgment of Disclaimers: Comprehensive Understanding

The foundation of a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship between our rewards program and its members lies in the clear acknowledgment and acceptance of the program's disclaimers and its inherently conditional nature. This acknowledgment is crucial for setting accurate expectations and fostering a culture of informed participation among our members. Below, we delve into the significance of this acknowledgment and the responsibilities it entails for members.

Informed Consent and Agreement:

  • Acceptance of Terms: By enrolling in and participating in the rewards program, members explicitly agree to the terms, conditions, and disclaimers as outlined. This includes understanding the program's structure, the valuation of points, and any limitations or restrictions on participation and point redemption.
  • Understanding of Program Conditionalities: Members recognize that the rewards program is subject to certain conditions, including eligibility criteria, the potential introduction of point expiration policies, and the non-transferability of points. This understanding is vital for members to align their expectations and participation strategies with the program's operational framework.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Ongoing Information Updates: Members bear the responsibility of staying informed about the program's policies, including any changes or updates that may be implemented. This continuous learning ensures that members can adapt their participation to reflect the current terms of the program, maximizing their benefits and minimizing any potential misunderstandings.
  • Active Engagement with Program Communications: To facilitate informed participation, members are encouraged to engage actively with communications from the program, including announcements, policy updates, and other relevant information distributed through email, the program's website, or other channels.
  • Self-Education on Program Features: Members are advised to familiarize themselves with all aspects of the program, including point accumulation mechanisms, redemption options, and special features like the MoneyBall™ Multiplier. A thorough understanding of these elements allows members to strategically plan their engagement and point usage.

Consequences of Acknowledgment:

  • Grounds for Participation: Acknowledgment of the program's disclaimers and terms is a prerequisite for participation. Failure to accept these terms may result in ineligibility to partake in the rewards program or limitations on the member's ability to earn or redeem points.
  • Framework for Dispute Resolution: In the event of any disputes arising from participation in the rewards program, the terms and conditions acknowledged by the member will serve as the foundation for resolving such disputes. This framework ensures that both the program and its members have a clear basis for discussion and resolution.

The acknowledgment of disclaimers by members is not merely a formal requirement; it represents a commitment to informed and responsible participation in the rewards program. By agreeing to these terms, members contribute to the program's integrity and effectiveness, ensuring a rewarding experience for all involved. It is through this mutual understanding and cooperation that the rewards program can achieve its goals of enhancing customer loyalty and engagement.


Ensuring a rewarding and engaging experience for members of our rewards program necessitates a clear understanding of how points can be accrued and subsequently redeemed. This section provides detailed insights into the activities that qualify for point accrual, the specific rates at which points are earned, and the conditions or limitations that may apply. Furthermore, it outlines the comprehensive procedures for redeeming points, including available redemption options, minimum thresholds, and the steps required to claim rewards.

Point Accrual

Eligible Activities:

  • Purchases: Members earn points for every dollar spent on eligible products or services. The accrual rate may vary by product category or promotional period.
  • Referrals: Points are awarded for referring new customers who complete a qualifying purchase. The referrer receives a specified number of points once the referral is verified.
  • Engagement Activities: Participating in surveys, product reviews, or promotional events also earns points. Each activity has a set point value.

   Accrual Rates:

  • Rates are predefined for each eligible activity. For example, spending in specific categories may earn points at a higher rate during promotional periods.
  • Tiered members may receive enhanced accrual rates as a benefit of their program level.

Conditions and Limitations:

  • Points may or may not be subject to expiration if not redeemed within a specified timeframe, encouraging active participation.
  • Certain transactions, such as the purchase of gift cards or discounted items, may be exempt from point accrual.
  • A cap on the maximum number of points earned per activity or time period may apply to ensure fairness.
  • Redemption of points or any form of rewards associated with the program may not be redeemed with any product in the Pro Collection unless it’s specifically announcement.

Point Redemption

Redemption Options:

  • Points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, exclusive merchandise, access to special events, or other unique rewards as defined by the program.
  • A catalog or list of redemption options will be available to members, detailing the point cost for each reward.

Minimum Thresholds:

  • A minimum point balance may be required to initiate redemption. This threshold ensures that rewards are meaningful and aligns with the program's goal of fostering long-term engagement.
  • Specific rewards may have their own threshold requirements based on their value.

Redemption Procedures:

  • Members can redeem points through their account dashboard on our program’s website page or mobile application. Detailed instructions for redemption will be provided within the platform.
  • Upon choosing a reward, members will be guided through a verification process to confirm the redemption.
  • Once redeemed, points will be deducted from the member's balance, and the reward will be processed according to the specified delivery or usage instructions, often in the form of a coupon code.

Claiming Rewards:

  • Physical rewards may be shipped to the member's registered address, while digital rewards (e.g., discount codes) will be made available immediately via email or account notification.
  • Members are responsible for ensuring their account information, including shipping addresses, is current and accurate to avoid redemption issues.

The point accrual and redemption procedures are designed to provide a transparent and straightforward pathway for members to earn and utilize their rewards effectively. By actively participating in eligible activities and understanding the redemption process, members can maximize the benefits received from their loyalty and engagement with our program.


Effective and transparent communication is a cornerstone of our rewards program, ensuring that members are well-informed and engaged with the various aspects of their participation. This communication policy outlines the methods, frequency, and content of our interactions with members, as well as providing clear instructions for customizing communication preferences.

Types of Communications:

  • Program Updates: Members will receive notifications regarding any changes to the rewards program, including adjustments to point accrual rates, redemption options, and terms and conditions. These updates ensure members are always informed about the program’s structure and how they can maximize their benefits.
  • Reward Notifications: We will communicate with members about their points balance, upcoming expiration dates for points (if applicable), and confirmation of points earned from recent transactions. Additionally, notifications will be sent when members qualify for new rewards or tiers within the program.
  • Promotional Offers: Exclusive offers and promotions related to the rewards program will be communicated to members, including bonus point opportunities, limited-time discounts, and early access to new products or services.
  • Feedback Requests: Periodically, we may reach out to members to solicit feedback on their experiences with the rewards program. This may include surveys, review requests, or invitations to participate in focus groups.

Communication Channels:

  • Email: The primary channel for program communications, used to send detailed updates, reward notifications, and promotional offers directly to the member’s registered email address.
  • SMS/Text Messages: For timely notifications and reminders, such as point expiration warnings or immediate promotional offers, SMS/text messaging may be used, subject to member consent.
  • Mobile App Notifications: Members using our mobile application will receive push notifications for real-time updates and offers related to the rewards program.
  • Program Website: Important program information, updates, and promotional offers will also be posted on the rewards program’s dedicated section within our website.

Opting In and Out:

  • Opt-Out Options: Members have the right to opt-out of specific types of communications or all program communications at any time. This can be done through the unsubscribe link provided in email communications, by updating preferences in the member account dashboard, or by contacting customer service.

Respecting Member Preferences: We are committed to respecting the communication preferences of our members, ensuring that our interactions add value to their experience with the rewards program. All communications will be designed to be informative, relevant, and respectful of member privacy and preferences.


Our commitment to providing exceptional service within our rewards program includes a transparent and accessible approach to addressing any complaints or disputes that our members may have. Understanding the importance of swift and fair resolutions, we have established a straightforward process for members to express their concerns. Members wishing to submit complaints or disputes can do so via several dedicated channels. Emails can be directed to our customer service team at support@elitefireworks.com, providing a direct line of communication for detailed concerns.

For those seeking immediate assistance, our customer service hotline at (844) 605-0003 is available during business hours to offer support. Additionally, an online submission form is accessible through both our website and mobile app, designed specifically for lodging complaints and disputes efficiently.

To ensure a thorough investigation and timely resolution of complaints, we request that members provide detailed information regarding their issue. This includes their member ID, a comprehensive description of the problem, relevant transaction details, and the desired outcome of their complaint. Upon receipt of a complaint, members will receive an acknowledgment within 96 hours, marking the initiation of our investigation process. While we endeavor to resolve all complaints within a 14-day period, more complex issues may extend beyond this timeframe. In such cases, we are committed to maintaining open communication with the member, providing updates on the status of their complaint. The resolution process is designed to be as transparent and straightforward as possible. Once an investigation is complete, members will be informed of the outcome and the steps we will take to rectify the issue, ensuring they understand the rationale behind our decisions.

We pride ourselves on handling every complaint with the utmost fairness and transparency, recognizing the value of our members' feedback in enhancing the rewards program experience. By providing clear avenues for voicing concerns and a structured approach to resolving them, we reinforce our dedication to maintaining a positive and transparent relationship with our program members. This commitment to member satisfaction and program integrity is central to our mission, ensuring a rewarding and engaging experience for all participants in our rewards program.

For the final subject in your rewards program policy, focusing on ensuring ongoing engagement and providing value to members is crucial. Therefore, a subject that encapsulates future planning, member feedback incorporation, and continuous improvement would be both beneficial and forward-looking. Here's a suggestion for that subject:


This subject is dedicated to outlining our commitment to the perpetual enhancement of the rewards program, driven by member feedback and market trends. It emphasizes our dedication to not just maintaining but continuously improving the member experience by adapting to changing needs and preferences.

Embracing Continuous Improvement: Our rewards program is not static; it's designed to evolve. We are committed to regularly assessing and refining the program to ensure it remains competitive, rewarding, and aligned with our members' expectations. This includes introducing new rewards, optimizing redemption processes, and updating program structures to enhance overall member satisfaction.

Valuing Member Feedback: Member feedback is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement strategy. We actively solicit input from our members through surveys, feedback forms, and direct communication channels. This feedback is invaluable for identifying areas of the program that are working well and those that may benefit from refinement.

Incorporation of Feedback into Program Enhancements: Insights gained from member feedback are systematically reviewed and considered in the planning of future enhancements. Whether it's expanding reward options, adjusting point accrual rates, or simplifying the redemption process, member suggestions play a pivotal role in shaping the program's evolution.

Transparency in Updates and Enhancements: As enhancements are planned and implemented, we pledge to maintain transparency with our members about changes and improvements. This includes providing advanced notice of significant updates, explaining the rationale behind changes, and offering guidance on how members can take full advantage of new features and benefits.

The future of our rewards program is bright, with ongoing enhancements guided by our commitment to excellence and the valuable feedback provided by our members. By fostering an environment of continuous improvement and open communication, we ensure that our rewards program not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our valued members, today and in the future.


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