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Help Center FAQs


Creating your account is super easy!

Just click right here 👉 Register 🚀 and follow the simple steps on the page. Get set to unlock an amazing experience with us! 🎉🎆

Forgot Your Fireworks Account Password?

🔒🎇 No worries! Just click on 'Forgot Password' 🔄 on our login page here. Follow the easy steps to reset and regain access to your account. Get back to exploring the best fireworks selection in no time! 🎆🌠

📧✨ Absolutely! Simply log in to your account and head over to the account settings to update your email.

Already logged in? Great! Just click right here 👉 Change My Email and make the switch. Keep your account up-to-date for all the latest in fireworks fun! 🎇🚀

🏠🚚 Easy-peasy! Just log into your account and navigate to the 'Address' section. There, you can quickly update your shipping details. It's as simple as that!

Keep your info current for hassle-free fireworks deliveries! 🎇✨

Note: Checking out as a guest? This option won't be available. Another great reason to create an account and simplify your experience! 🌟🎆

📜🎇 Just tap on the 'Orders' section in your account dashboard to view all your past orders. Plus, with one easy tap, you can quickly add all items from previous orders to your cart for a speedy checkout.

It's your personal fireworks shopping history, now with a fast-track reorder feature! 🛒🎆

🤔🧨 Absolutely, we can assist with that. Simply email our Care Team at delete@elitefireworks.com.

In your email, make the subject title 'DELETE MY ACCOUNT'. In the email body, include the email address associated with your account.

Please note, the request must be sent from the matching email address. If you don't have access to that email anymore, no worries! Our team can guide you through additional verification steps. We're here to help! 💥💌


Light Up Your Fireworks with Ease! 💥🎆 Making payments is a snap!

Choose from major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. More into digital? No problem - PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay are all at your fingertips. And for our in-store pyro enthusiasts, cash is always an option.

Plus, exciting news! We're soon adding 'Buy Now Pay Later' options such as Klarna, Afterpay, and Sizzler for ultimate convenience.

Your path to spectacular pyrotechnics is just a payment away! 💳🛍️🚀

Security First, Always! 🛡️💥 With us, your peace of mind is paramount. When you make a payment on our website, you're in safe hands.

🙌 We employ robust, top-notch encryption to safeguard your payment details and personal info.

Go ahead, pick your favorite fireworks and enjoy a worry-free shopping experience! 🔒🎆🛍️

💳💡 For online purchases, we currently support using one payment method per transaction. But good news! You can combine gift cards or in-store credit with another payment option for more flexibility.

Shopping in-store? We've got you covered! You can use up to three different payment methods at once. Just give our staff a heads-up, and we'll make it happen. Your path to spectacular fireworks just got more convenient! 🎇🛒🤩

🎉💥 Using promo codes is easy! Just enter your promo code on the checkout page. Your discount will automatically be applied to your total amount.

Keep in mind, if it's a special promo code, it might apply specifically to certain products or collections. Ready to light up the sky and save? Enter that code and watch the magic happen! 🛒🎆✨

🚫💳 Don't worry, let's sort it out! First, double-check that your card details and billing information are entered correctly. If everything seems right but you're still facing issues, it's a good idea to reach out to your bank for a quick check.

Alternatively, you could try using a different payment method. We're here to ensure your journey to an amazing fireworks display is smooth and hassle-free! 🎇👍


🌟🎇 It's super easy and completely free! Just click Apex Rewards™ on our website. You'll find the rewards tab at the bottom of any page in the website footer, or if you're on a desktop, look for our floating rewards widget.

Enroll now and start unlocking tons of exciting rewards! Your journey to spectacular fireworks displays just got more rewarding! 🚀🎆

🌠🎇 It's simple! Earn points every time you make a purchase, refer your friends, or interact with our brand on social media or on the site.

Dive into fun challenges and watch your points soar. Plus, as you level up from Level 1 Foundation to Level 10 Grandmaster, your points per dollar spent can multiply up to 50x!

The more active you are, the more you earn. It's not just about buying fireworks; it's about joining a community of pyrotechnic enthusiasts! 🚀💥

Learn more on how everything works here.

🎁💥 Your points are like gold here! Turn them into store credit cash rewards, where certain amounts of points give you credit for future orders. Aim higher with our MoneyBall™ multiplier, where you can multiply your rewards. You have the freedom to redeem points on a wide range of fireworks products, from dazzling aerials to exciting ground items, and even variety collections.

Please note, most Pro Collection items are usually excluded, except during special promotions on qualifying items. So, keep collecting those points and watch your rewards ignite! 🚀🎆

🕒🎇 Your points typically have a two-year lifespan from the date they're earned. But keep in mind, some points might have a shorter or longer validity period. Don't worry, we'll give you a heads-up before any points expire.

Our rewards program is always evolving, so we highly recommend checking out our latest rewards policy to stay up-to-date. This way, you can make the most out of your points and enjoy spectacular fireworks! 🚀📅

🌟🔍 It's easy! The key is to be logged in to your account on our website. Once you're in, you can view your current points balance in several places: directly in your account dashboard, through the rewards widget, or by clicking on the rewards tab in the website footer.

Remember, you need to be logged in to track your glittering points treasure trove! 🎆🖥️

🤔💫 We appreciate your generosity, but currently, our reward points are like a personal treasure – they're non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder who earned them.

Keep collecting and enjoying those points for your own fireworks spectacular! 🎇🚫


🚚💨 Our standard shipping typically gets your fireworks to you in 5-7 business days. Need them sooner? We've got expedited options for faster delivery!

Just remember, since fireworks are hazardous materials, shipping times can vary based on routes, the time of year, and your location. But generally, expect your pyrotechnic delights to arrive within 5-7 business days.

We make sure your wait for the big 'boom' is as short as possible! 🎆⏰

🕵️‍♂️🚀 Tracking is a breeze! Within 24 - 48 hours of your order being shipped, we'll send you a tracking number. Plus, you can easily track your order right on our website on the Track Page.

Watch your fireworks make their journey to you, and get ready for the show! 🎇🔍

🌍🎆 Unfortunately, as a retailer, it's illegal for us to ship fireworks internationally.

But good news for our USA customers – we ship to almost all states across the country! For more details on where we can send your pyrotechnic delights, you can check out our shipping policies directly on our site. 🇺🇸🚚

💸🚚 Our shipping costs depend on a few things: where you're located, the size of your order, and when you place it. But here's the good news: you'll see the estimated shipping cost at checkout, so there are no surprises.

Plus, keep an eye out for our special promos throughout the year – they can snag you some pretty big discounts on shipping! 🎉📦

🏠🔄 We understand that plans can change, but due to the nature of shipping fireworks, we require orders to be shipped to the exact address provided, and the billing and shipping addresses must match.

However, if you decide to switch from door-to-door shipping to picking up at a nearby Fireworks Hub™ before your order is shipped, we can definitely assist with that!

Once the order is shipped, though, we're unable to make any modifications. It's all about ensuring your fireworks arrive safely and securely! 🎇🚚

📦💔 If your order seems to have gone astray or arrives damaged, please reach out to us right away. We'll dive into an investigation and work closely with our carriers to locate your order. Situations like these are quite rare, but we're prepared to handle them.

For more in-depth information on how we manage these scenarios, feel free to check out our detailed shipping policy as well as refund policy on our site.

Your satisfaction and the safe arrival of your fireworks are our top priorities! 🌟🚚


🏬🎇 Yes, we offer in-store pickup year-round at Elite of NH™! Just a heads-up, as we approach peak holiday seasons, we might have limited days and times for pickups to ensure top-notch service for our in-store shoppers.

For our Texas #PyroFam™, we've got you covered too! You can pick up your online orders at Elite of TX™, our preferred partner, during the initial days of the 4th of July or New Year's Eve seasons.

It's all about making your fireworks shopping experience as convenient as possible! 🚗💥

🕒📧 We've got you covered! As soon as your order is ready for pickup, we'll send you an email notification to let you know. Plus, if you have an account with us, you can conveniently check the status of your order anytime on our website.

Stay tuned, and your fireworks will be ready before you know it! 🎇💻

🚚🆔 Since we streamline all online orders with a KYC verification before pickup, your part is easy!

Just bring a valid ID and the order confirmation email when you come to pick up your fireworks. This quick check ensures a smooth and efficient pickup process.

Grab your ID, your confirmation, and get ready to light up the sky! 🎇✅

🤔🚫 Absolutely not. For safety and security reasons, the person picking up the order must be the actual buyer who made the purchase.

We strictly adhere to this policy and do not allow anyone else to pick up the order under any circumstances. This ensures that your fireworks purchase is both safe and secure. 🎇🔒

🕒📅 We'll hold your pickup order until the end of the day you scheduled it for, regardless of the specific pickup hour.

If something comes up and you can't make it, no worries! Just let us know. You can email us hello@elitefireworks.com or give us a call at +1 (844) 605-0003.

We're here to accommodate and ensure your fireworks are ready when you are! 🎇👍

🕰️🎇 Our pickup hours vary by location, as some of our pickup spots are managed by third-party partners or their business schedules change depending on the time of year.

But here's the great part: we've automated the process for you! When you're making your purchase, simply select the location, time, and date that suits you, and we'll ensure your fireworks are ready and waiting by then.

It's all about making your experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible! 🚀📍


🔞🎆 As a New Hampshire-based fireworks company, we need to comply with legal regulations. It's mandatory for us to ID all customers to confirm that you are 21 years of age or older, as required by state law, to purchase fireworks.

This ensures we're selling responsibly and keeping in line with legal standards. Your understanding and cooperation help us maintain a safe and legal fireworks environment for everyone!

For more on these requirements and additional safety tips, take a look at our NH Safety Brochure.🚀📜

🆔🎇 It's as simple as 1, 2, 3! You'll receive an email or text message with straightforward steps to follow on your device. Using cutting-edge KYC technology, you'll confirm your identity by scanning your ID/Driver's License and undergoing facial recognition.

For our members, this is a one-time process – but if you're checking out as a guest, you'll need to do it for each order. This is yet another great reason to create an account with us. Age verification is quick, secure, and ensures a smooth purchase experience! 🚀📱

🔒🌐 Absolutely. We use state-of-the-art encrypted systems to make sure all your data is thoroughly protected and kept confidential during the age verification process. Your privacy and security are our top priorities, ensuring a safe and trustworthy experience with us. 🛡️💻

🚫🔞 If age verification isn't successfully completed, unfortunately, we won't be able to proceed with the sale. Complying with local regulations is essential for us, and age verification is a required part of that process.

We appreciate your understanding as we adhere to these necessary legal standards. 📜🎇

🛂✅ Absolutely! Your passport is a perfectly acceptable form of ID for age verification, whether you're shopping with us online or in person.

It's all about ensuring a smooth and compliant process for your fireworks purchases. 🎆🌍

🔍🎇 If you're a member with an account, just verify your age once, and you're all set! After your initial verification, your account will reflect your age-verified status for all future purchases.

However, if you opt to check out as a guest, you'll need to go through the verification process each time, as we don't have an account history to confirm your identity before the transaction.

Creating an account not only saves time but also simplifies your shopping experience! 🚀🛒


🛡️🎆 Safety first! Always adhere to these key precautions:

1. Follow Instructions: Carefully read and follow all instructions on the fireworks packaging.
2. Choose Open Areas: Light your fireworks in open spaces, away from people, houses, animals, and flammable materials.
3. Be Prepared: Keep water or a fire extinguisher within easy reach in case of emergencies.

Remember, safety is paramount when enjoying the spectacle of fireworks! 🚒🌌

🔞🎇 Indeed, there are. To purchase fireworks from us, you must be 21 years of age or older. We also require a valid ID at the time of purchase to verify your age.

This policy helps ensure that our fireworks are sold responsibly and in compliance with legal age requirements. 🆔🎆

📍🎇 No, the use of fireworks is subject to local laws and regulations. It's crucial to check with your local authorities to find out which areas are permissible for setting off fireworks.

As a user, it's your responsibility to be informed about your local regulations regarding fireworks. If you're a resident of New Hampshire, we've got a handy resource for you – check out the NH Permissible Fireworks Restriction for specific local guidelines.

Stay safe and compliant! 🚓🔍

"How Should You Store Fireworks Safely? 📦🧯 It's important to store your fireworks correctly to ensure safety. Here are some key tips:

1. Cool and Dry: Keep your fireworks in a cool, dry place.
2. Away from Heat: Ensure they are stored away from any heat sources.
3. Secure and Safe: Make sure they are out of reach of children and pets.

Additionally, it's a good idea to check with your local authority for any specific storage guidelines they may advise. Following these precautions will help keep you and your loved ones safe. 🚫👶🐶

💣💦 If you encounter a 'dud' firework that doesn't light up, here's how to handle it safely:

1. Don't Relight: Never attempt to relight a firework that didn't ignite on the first try.
2. Wait It Out: Give it at least 20 minutes to ensure it won’t go off unexpectedly.
3. Water Soak: After waiting, soak the firework in water to make sure it's completely inactive before disposal.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what qualifies as a dud firework, feel free to reach out to us or view our exchange policy.

Safety always comes first! 🚫🔥

🌞🎇 While there are certain types of fireworks designed for daylight enjoyment, such as BC Smoke Balls and Monoclonius, most fireworks are crafted to dazzle best under the night sky.

The vivid colors and sparkling effects of traditional fireworks are far more spectacular against a dark backdrop. So, for the full, breathtaking experience, it's recommended to save those sky-lighters for after sunset! 🌆🎆


Shipping fireworks year-round to most US continental states.

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