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Shipping fireworks year-round to most US continental states.

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At ELITE FIREWORKS®, our commitment is to provide you with an extensive selection of fireworks, including specialized products available at Supercenters, Super Conex, Mega Conex, and Conex Plus. We recognize the intricacies involved in understanding the nuances of fireworks and their respective shopping platforms. Our dedicated team is always on standby to guide you. Should you have any queries, don't hesitate to reach out via our chat feature. Additionally, our FAQs section is a rich repository of answers to frequent questions.


We are a licensee of ELITE FIREWORKS® so we actually have only 1 flagship store in Amherst, New Hampshire, proudly identified as Elite by APEX™ in our Store Locator.

No, locations tagged as 'Authorized & Preferred Dealer' or 'Independent Dealer' are not operated by us. Only locations labeled as Elite by APEX™ in the Store Locator are directly managed by our team. All other locations are run by third parties or our licensor.

Currently, there are 17 Elite Fireworks shops spread across the US, with 16 in Texas and 1 in New Hampshire. Note that not all these locations operate identically. Some might be temporary connex spots, makeshift structures, or even managed by separate entities. Always check specifics before visiting.


In our store locator, you'll encounter various location types like Supercenters (Showroom), Fireworks Hub™, Super Connex™, Mega Connex™, and Connex Plus™. Each represents a unique shopping experience. Dive into the questions below to understand the specifics of each fireworks shop category.

Of course! Elite Fireworks Supercenters stand as the epitome of pyrotechnic excellence. For any fireworks aficionado or casual enthusiast, these locations are nothing short of a pyrotechnic paradise. Proudly situated in strategic states like Texas and New Hampshire, Supercenters are designed with expansive showrooms, allowing customers to explore and discover the vast universe of fireworks we offer.

Each Supercenter carries an aura of Quality Fireworks, making it a primary destination for PYROMANIACS. But what truly sets them apart? It's their unparalleled range. From state-of-the-art firing systems, high-flying canisters, vibrant cakes, to curated assortments – the selection is both vast and top-tier. Every product reflects our commitment to quality, safety, and the promise of a spectacular display.

Moreover, our Supercenters are not just about sales. They are hubs of knowledge. Our trained staff are always available, eager to guide you through product choices, safety guidelines, and best practices. They can provide insights into creating mesmerizing sequences, ensuring every event you host becomes memorable.

In essence, Elite Fireworks Supercenters are more than stores; they are comprehensive experiences, blending the thrill of fireworks with expertise and variety. Whether you're planning a grand spectacle or a backyard celebration, our Supercenters ensure you have access to the best in the world of fireworks.

Fireworks Super Conex locations, exclusively operated by Elite Fireworks in Texas, stand as a monumental presence in the fireworks retail landscape. What makes the Super Conex unique? It's its sheer size and dedicated commitment to pyrotechnics. Spanning 80 feet, these containers outsize the typical Fireworks Mega Conex™, promising a vast array of fireworks that cater to both casual celebrants and pyrotechnic aficionados.

Now, when distinguishing between a Supercenter and a Super Conex, it's important to note their specific strengths. While both offer a curated selection of fireworks, the Super Conex emphasizes convenience and select promotions. Among its diverse offerings, there are special deals on particular items where customers can avail 'Buy One Get One or Two' specials, providing exceptional value on these select products. However, it's worth noting that while these deals offer great savings, not every product falls under this promotion. Also, prices at the Super Conex might differ from those at the Supercenter due to the distinct promotions and operational specifics of the two formats.

The extensive space within the Super Conex isn't just about size. It's meticulously organized, with fireworks available for purchase both as individual units and by the case. This flexibility caters to both personal purchases and those looking to buy in bulk.

In essence, the Fireworks Super Conex goes beyond being a mere fireworks stand. It's an expansive shopping experience designed for the genuine fireworks enthusiast. Whether you're seeking variety, value, or a unique shopping environment, when in Texas, the Super Conex is an Elite Fireworks destination you won't want to miss.

No, a Mega Conex is nothing close to a standard fireworks stand. Operated by Elite Fireworks in Texas, these locations offer many similarities to Super Conex locations. However, a defining difference is that while a Super Conex typically carries fireworks by the case, a Mega Conex does not. Positioned as premier convenience locations, Mega Conex outlets are filled with the best Elite Fireworks products. So, when shopping at a Mega Conex, you're selecting from the elite range of fireworks.

Conex Plus™ is a distinct offering from ELITE FIREWORKS® that specializes exclusively in selling fireworks by the case. Unlike any other temporary fireworks location, Conex Plus™ provides a unique shopping experience for fireworks enthusiasts looking for bulk purchases. Trust us, there's nothing average about what Conex Plus™ brings to the table.


A Fireworks Hub™, as offered by, is a centralized location spread across the US, serving as a pick-up point for fireworks purchased from our site. Rather than waiting for home deliveries, which can be more costly, customers can opt to collect their orders from their nearest Fireworks Hub™. These hubs provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution for our customers, ensuring they get their fireworks promptly and at a reduced shipping cost. To find the closest Fireworks Hub™ to you, simply check our store locator. It's our way of enhancing your shopping experience, ensuring speed and convenience without the added expense.

If you can't find a Fireworks Hub™ close to you, it's likely because there isn't a shipping terminal from one of the several freight companies we collaborate with in your vicinity. Alternatively, it's possible you reside in a state to which we don't ship fireworks. For a comprehensive understanding, please refer to our shipping and terms policy. We always strive to ensure that a Fireworks Hub™ is no more than 2 hours away from your residence, aiming to offer convenience and accessibility to all our customers.