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Discover the future of fireworks with Pyro Studio™. Create your dream 3D fireworks display online with our interactive platform. Preview each item in real-time 3D simulations, then simply click 'Add to Show' to include it in your masterpiece. Fine-tune your show by opening the Show Builder, where you can rearrange, copy, or remove items, set custom start times, and even overlap effects for maximum impact. Your show auto-saves to your device for convenience. Unleash your creativity and buy your customized fireworks directly through our platform. Have fun and make your show unforgettable!


Preview each Elite X-clusive™ item individually before clicking ADD TO SHOW, ensuring you know its exact color, effect, size and sound.

Impressed by the preview? Add your chosen items to the show. Once you reach next step it will be an epic showcase.

It's that simple. Now, channel your inner pyro and design your show. After selecting your items, hit OPEN SHOW BUILDER. From there, view, edit, share, and elevate your show's experience.

Inside the Pyro Studio™ Show Builder Engine, you have the flexibility to move items around, duplicate them, or delete them. You can also customize when each effect starts, allowing for overlapping effects or simultaneous launches of multiple items. Don't worry about losing your work; it's auto-saved to your device.

Enjoy crafting your perfect fireworks display!


Shipping fireworks year-round to most US continental states.

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