Ignite Your Celebrations with! We are APEX™ established in 2023 in the "Live Free or Die" state of New Hampshire, we're on a groundbreaking mission to revolutionize how America celebrates with fireworks. Unleash the power of wholesale bulk discounts, whether buying a case, a bundle, or even a pallet, and enjoy massive savings—all at a 0.00% tax rate. Get dazzled with expert advice for spellbinding and safe displays, creating memories that last a lifetime. Opt for the ultimate in convenience, significant savings, and unmatched quality by joining our vibrant community of celebration enthusiasts. Every shimmer and burst comes TAX-FREE, ensuring your milestones are marked by spectacular arrays of color. Let's light up your special moments together!



Shipping fireworks year-round to most US continental states.

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Curious about the benefits of tax-free fireworks shopping? Explore our comprehensive Q&A section, dedicated to answering your most pressing inquiries about tax-free savings and more. At, we're committed to revolutionizing celebrations with unbeatable deals and expert guidance. From understanding New Hampshire's tax-free advantage to navigating safety regulations, we've got you covered every step of the way. Plus, if you have additional questions beyond our FAQ, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team—we're here to ensure your fireworks experience is as exhilarating as it is effortless!

Tax-free shopping at is a simple and straightforward process. As our operations are based in New Hampshire, a state known for its tax-free status, customers enjoy the benefit of not having to pay any sales tax on their purchases. Whether you're shopping online for home delivery or scheduling pickup at our NH location, you'll experience tax-free savings on all eligible items. This means you can stretch your budget further and enjoy more fireworks for your celebrations without the additional tax burden. 💰

At, tax-free shopping is just one of the many ways we make your fireworks experience exceptional. 🔥

Ah, you must be hailing from Pennsylvania with that steep 18% sales tax! 😅 We get it, that's quite the outlier.

Across the board, folks might be grappling with an 8% or even 12% sales tax on average. But here's the fun part - we're solely based in the tax-free wonderland of New Hampshire. 🌲🚫💸 At the moment, we don't operate any locations outside NH. So, when you shop with us, either online or in-person, you're diving into our state's tax-free advantage, as we comply exclusively with NH laws.

No matter where you're from, with us, it's all about enjoying those fireworks without the extra fiscal fireworks of sales tax. Just a little something to light up your day, minus the tax burden!

Remember, it's all about the New Hampshire way when you're with us! is the ultimate game-changer in the fireworks scene 🚀, born in the spirited "Live Free or Die" state of New Hampshire! Not only are we transforming your celebration game with unbeatable bulk discounts on cases, bundles, or even pallets at a jaw-dropping 0.00% tax rate, but we also proudly offer the World's First Omni-Channel fireworks shopping experience!

Our mission? To revolutionize how America celebrates 🇺🇸, delivering tax-free fireworks magic directly to your doorstep. Get ready for a seamless shopping journey, both online and offline, tailored to light up your celebrations like never before!

No, tax-free shopping isn't confined to online purchases alone. However, since our only store is situated in NH, our warehouse is the sole destination for in-store tax-free shopping

No catch at all! Just a heads-up: when you dive into the spectacular world of, you're stepping into New Hampshire's realm of regulations. That means anyone lighting up the sky with us needs to be 21+ years old, and launching those dazzling bottle rockets? You'll need a launch tube, just as our local rules say. But hey, we're all about making this easy and fun for you! 🚀

With every purchase, we send you a dynamic safety brochure, packed with everything you need to know to enjoy your fireworks the right way, ensuring a blast of a time while keeping it safe. So, while we stick to our guns (or rockets 🎆) on safety and legal stuff, we also equip you with the knowledge to light up the night sky like a pro. Get ready for an experience that's not just thrilling but also informed and responsible. Let's make those celebrations epic and safe, together! 💥📚